Al Jazeera News: ‘Peppermint’ essential oil ‘will make you feel alive’

Al Jazeera has obtained the recipe for the “Peppermints Essential Oil”, a blend of peppermint essential oils which is intended to make people feel “awake”, “waking up”, “being alive”, and “having fun”.

The blend is being produced by Peppermint Oil Change, which has previously created a “Peel” fragrance for cosmetics and a “Tangerine” fragrance which has been used for over a decade to make a perfume for the Disney Princess Princesses.

“Peppers” are a family of plants which have a reputation for having calming effects on the mind, and Peppermint oil change’s Peppermint Essential Oil blend is based on the botanical compounds that make up the plant’s flowers.

The blend was inspired by the “Sugar-Free” and “No-Starch” Peppermint Essential Oils, which were introduced to the market in the 1990s, and have since become the most popular essential oils for skin care.

According to the company, the blend is a blend “made from 100% pure peppermint oils, without any synthetic ingredients.”

According to its website, Peppermint’s Essential Oil Blend is formulated for people who have been living with severe anxiety disorders or who have tried to live a normal life for years.

The company states on its website that it “works by relaxing the body, improving energy and mood, and improving physical and mental wellbeing”.

The Peppermint essential ointment is available as a 10ml bottle for $20 (£15), which is only available online, not in store.

According in the company’s website, it has been developed to make an ideal remedy for people with “anxiety, depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders and anxiety-related disorders”.

“Peppering” and other essential oils are used in cosmetics, perfumes, and toothpaste, among others.

According the website, peppermint oil changes “adds a warm glow to your skin and helps to calm and brighten up those around you, especially those with severe psychological issues, or those who struggle with chronic fatigue.”

The company’s online store states that peppermint and essential oil oils “are the perfect complement to the fragrance of the day”, adding that “all essential oils have the ability to calm the mind and the heart”.

According to a spokesperson for Peppermint, the company “has been providing peppermint products for over 20 years”.

The spokesperson added that “We have been working with many of the best experts in the industry, including Drs.

James L. Lesh, Jennifer M. Schloss, and Dr. Jodi C. Satterfield to create a unique, award-winning, and clinically tested peppermint formula for our customers”.

Al Jazeera’s Nafeez Ahmed reports from Dubai.