What’s the difference between baby oil and petrol?

There’s a big difference between petrol and baby oil.

The petrol is a refined product made by burning petrol and petroleum products.

Baby oil is a mineral oil that can be extracted from the petunias.

Mountain Dew, which has been in Australia since the 1970s, says it is the safest oil available.

But it has not been easy to get into the business, and the only company that is making it is an Australian company called MineralOil.

It has a small scale supply of petrol and other petroleum products to retailers in the country, but it is not a major distributor of the petrol, and does not make petrol for petrol stations.

“We are an Australian distributor.

We don’t make petrol in Australia,” MineralOil’s chief executive, John MacKenzie, said.

He said that despite the fact that petrol was the oil of choice, most people still did not know how to use petrol safely.

I think there is a need for the Australian people to know the difference, he said.