Which teams have the best steals?

The following is a list of the best steal rates in the NHL over the last three seasons, sorted by steal rate over that span.

For the sake of simplicity, the teams that steal the most are the teams with the highest steal rates (or average steal rates).

The data was collected by ProZone and NHL.com using player and team data from the NHL Players’ Tribune database, and includes steals against the opponent’s team (the team that has possession of the puck) as well as total thefts.

The teams with steal rates of the highest percentage over the past three seasons include:The Los Angeles Kings have had the second-best steal rate in the league over that time, at just under 17 percent.

The San Jose Sharks have had a steal rate of 20.7 percent over that same span, and have also had the league’s highest average steal rate, at 20.9 percent.

The Detroit Red Wings are tied for the league lead with a steal percentage of 17.3 percent over the same time frame.

The Edmonton Oilers have had one of the league leader steal rates over the previous three seasons at 20 percent.

However, their steal rate fell slightly to 20.8 percent over last season, so the drop in percentage was probably due to the fact that they dropped some games to the Dallas Stars.

The San Jose Kings and New Jersey Devils are tied with a 17.4 percent steal rate.

The Philadelphia Flyers have had an average steal percentage in the 20s over the course of the past decade, but they also had one the lowest average steal percentages of any team over that period.

They also have the league-high second-highest steal rate at 20 per cent over the span.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are tied at the league high at 21.4 per cent.

The Dallas Stars have had two seasons with steal percentages in the mid-20s over that three-year period.


they had the worst average steal share in the past 10 years (at 10.4 percentage), and the second lowest steal percentage over that entire time period (at just under 9 percent).

The Columbus Blue Jackets have had their steal share average of the last five seasons in the middle of the pack.

The team’s steal rate dipped to a lowly 17.7 per cent in 2013-14.

The Florida Panthers have had it at 17.9 per cent, and the Florida Panthers are tied in third at 17 per cent with the St. Louis Blues.

The Detroit Red Wing have had some of the most aggressive steal rates on the league in recent years, and they have also led the league for most average steals of any franchise in the last decade (at 26.3 per cent).

The New York Rangers have had more average steals than any other team in the previous decade (23.5 per cent), and are tied as the team with the league lowest average stolen percentage of the previous five years (15.4).

The Pittsburgh Penguins have had average steals in the 30s over this span, but that hasn’t translated to a higher average steal percent of the team over the year.

They are tied on that score with the Carolina Hurricanes at 23.7.

The Anaheim Ducks have had five seasons with average steal shares of the 30-50 range, and three seasons with the 50-60 range.

They have also played in the bottom half of the NHL in average steal totals over that stretch.

The Ottawa Senators are tied (at 30.1 per cent) with the Washington Capitals for the lowest overall average steal % over the league, and are also tied for fourth at 30.4.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have had three seasons in which they have ranked in the top three in average steals per team in each of the three seasons that they have been in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

However over that short span, they have played in just three of the six playoff rounds (they haven’t been to the Stanley Bowl since 2010-11).

The team currently sits in the midst of the worst playoff performance in the history of the National Hockey League.

The Arizona Coyotes are tied atop the league with a record of 25-18-7.

The Los Angeles Bruins and New York Islanders have combined for two seasons in that time frame, and both have had at least two wins in that stretch (the Bruins have had seven games, and Islanders have had four).

The San Antonio Rampage are tied to the bottom three in the standings with a 13-17-8 record over the next six seasons, but are currently on pace to win the Stanley Trophy.

The Dallas Stars and Philadelphia Flyers are tied, at 16-17.

The Winnipeg Jets have had six seasons in where they have posted a win percentage in excess of 50 percent, and seven seasons in teams that have won more than 50 percent of their games.

The Winnipeg Jets are currently ranked second in the Western Conference, and second in their division.

The Colorado Avalanche have had eight seasons in their last 10 years in which the team has been in position to win more than 100 games.

However that