Walmart to start offering liquid lubricants to store employees

Walmart will start selling liquid lubricant to store staff starting next week, the company announced Thursday.

The lubricants will be priced at $6.99 per tube, or about $3 per bottle, according to Walmart, which also said the liquid lubricator will be distributed via mail and, and that workers can pick up the product at a Walmart store in their area.

“The company has been testing this product for the past two years, and we have received positive feedback from employees,” Walmart said in a statement.

“This product is safe, effective, and convenient for workers to use when they are on the job.”

Walmart also said it plans to expand its use of the lubricant by partnering with Walmart Food Stores, Walmart’s grocery delivery service.

Walmart has already started using liquid lubricators at its stores.

In November, Walmart rolled out a liquid lubrication product called The Ultimate Lubricant that is designed to help store workers avoid getting sick, according the company.

WalMart is the latest retailer to begin offering liquid-lubricant-free options for employees.

The company is offering liquid latex-based lubricants at Walmart’s stores.

WalMart announced its plans to introduce liquid lubricated products in late October.

It is unclear if Walmart will begin offering the lubricants in its stores this week.