How to use the beauty products in the game to create beautiful lips

You know you’re in the right place when your lip products look good and smell great.

In this issue, EW’s Lindsay Pappas and Laura E. Robinson detail how to create that perfect pair of lips.1.

Choose the right color, size and formula1.

Pick a good shade for your lips.

I like to choose a shade that has the natural, medium, and bold lines, and a darker color for a more dramatic look.2.

Apply the product with your lips and then apply your favorite lip color.

You can use a lip brush or the contour roller to apply the lip color to your lips to create an even more dramatic lip color or blend it into your lips, giving it a more defined look.3.

Apply your lips with a lip liner.

Use a small, medium or large lipstick to achieve the best effect.4.

Apply a lip gloss.

Make sure to use a thin, soft lipstick to create a more glossy effect.5.

Apply eye shadows and highlight.

You’ll want to add a few extra coats to create depth and give the look that pop.6.

Apply lip balm.

This can be any of the brands we mentioned above.

I love applying my own lip balms, as they are fun and easy to work with.7.

Apply foundation.

Make a highlight and apply the color to create your desired shape.8.

Apply mascara.

Apply it with your fingers or with a brush.

It’s a great way to get a little more depth and define your eyes.9.

Finish off with a brow pencil.

Apply with a tiny brush to create some extra definition.10.

Apply blush.

Use the highlight to create the illusion of a more natural, glowing look.11.

Apply gloss.

Use your favorite mascara to give the effect of depth and make your eyes pop.12.

Apply powder.

Apply any kind of powder or liquid foundation to create more depth.13.

Finish with a bronzer.

Make your eyes look more defined with a little bronzer, powder or eye shadow.14.

Apply lipstick.

Use lip color and a color to get the look you want.15.

Finish by applying blush, powder, or eyeshadow.