A new oil-drilling technique can be used to unlock black castor root

In a new oil drilling technique, oil fracking can be done in a coconut oil, an alternative source for black castors.

The method was pioneered by researchers from the University of Oxford and the University at Buffalo.

They created a synthetic oil-rich oil that was extracted from coconut oil in the USA and then mixed with a layer of water, salt and a chemical called propylene glycol.

The resulting mixture, known as black castrains oil, was then extracted and blended with a synthetic form of coconut oil that is commonly used in other fields.

The oil-digesting oil-farming process was first developed by the University’s Dr. Michael Sainsbury, who discovered the coconut oil method in the 1970s.

Dr. Sainsburys research team at the University used a new process, called photolithography, to extract the oil from coconut.

“It was incredibly easy to extract,” he said.

“The technique uses light to get a look at the surface of the coconut and then uses that to get information about the oil content.”

We used the oil we got from coconut and we used that to make the oil and then blended it with the coconut extract and we got this beautiful oil.

“The oil that came out of the process is very similar to the oil extracted from a coconut.

Dr. Sainburys team hopes the process will be used in the oil-industry to create new oil and natural gas resources.

Dr Sainsburg said the process could also be used for oil extraction from coal, which has historically been difficult to get from coconut trees.”

They do a great job of producing these oil-like compounds, but that’s not a good substitute for the natural gas that’s required to extract natural gas from coal,” he explained.”

This oil-based process will allow us to extract coal that’s naturally occurring in the coconut trees and to be able to do that with much less of the energy required for the process.

“The researchers are now looking to commercialize their process in the US.

Dr David T. Jones, an oil and gas engineer at the U.S. Department of Energy, said the method is very promising and will not only be a boon for oil-field exploration but also for oil production.”

A lot of the oil production is done in shale, and this is one way to get natural gas out of that shale,” he told ABC News.”

You can get it in the shale by drilling and then moving it in.

So it’s a great energy source.

“The technology is really exciting and it’s very scalable, and it can be scaled up.”

Dr Jones added that there are also many applications for the technique.

“If you are looking at the process for extracting oil and it is very costly, you can use this method,” he added.

“So you can extract oil from any type of tree.”

I think this is a really exciting technology.

I hope that the oil industry will start to adopt this.