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Oil pulling off.the.curb.oil pulling off.,solynd,soyld,oil,pull source Business Insomniac article Soyld Oil is the latest oil company to pull its oil pulling effort off the caboose.

Solyndra pulled it off in September, while Schlumberger pulled it in January.

Solyd has been working on its oil pull off in the U.S. for a year, as part of a plan to use a combination of fracking, solar, wind and biofuels to build the next-generation oil refinery.

It’s the latest attempt to take the global oil industry to the curb.

This year, the companies have pulled the pulling off of the curb out of fear of a future spike in carbon dioxide emissions.

They’re also hoping to reduce costs by not requiring the refining process to be expensive to run.

In addition to a pull-off in the United States, Solys CEO and co-founder Suman Sharma told Business Insider that he plans to pull off the pull-offs in the next few months.